If you like the program, you will need to purchase a licence for all program functions to operate.

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$AU60 and can be ordered by clicking on the "Order Form" tab and completing the details on the form.
George van Rysinge
As a past player, captain and recorder for the Beeches Dart Club I trialed the early versions of DartMaster and found it to be extremely effective when recording scores (all  grades) and transposing the data to weekly news letters advising all players of their weekly and progressive individual statistics. Best of all each player received an Annual Certificate showing their scores for the year. I have been using Dartmaster from Greg Barnes for a few years now and have found his product very easy to use and absolutely value for money. In today's world of technology I find it hard to believe that some people still [try to] use a spreadsheet for their data keeping in the darting fraternity.

Allan Summers - Recorder for the Darling Range Darts Association Inc
Dartmaster is such a great program that basically it does all the hard work for you, once you place your Grades and Teams into Dartmaster then all you have to do is input your data from your scoresheet each week and Dartmaster does the rest. It counts how many 180's, Highest Peg-Outs, Highest Averages ... everything.
Also, Greg would be one of the nicest guys that you could ever meet to deal with and the times that I have called him with a suggestion regarding Dartmaster, he just get's on and does it. Thanks Greg, you have saved me and other's heaps of time with a very professional and cost effective program.
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